Friday, October 25, 2013

In the beginning....

So here we are, day one of this blog. Why? you ask. Well, my husband and I have 3 teenagers, ranging in ages from 13-19. They are amaze-balls! (According to them, I shouldn't be using that word. Just typing that word makes my kids embarrassed) LOL.
I wanted a place to share and maybe help other moms out there raising teens. My plan is this blog will host a myriad of things. There will be:
  1. Funny stories that may help you realize you're not going crazy and yes, things happen that you NEVER thought would happen.
  2. Organization / cleaning tips and stories. The 5 of us live in a small-ish condo so space is at a premium. I work full time so staying organized with space, time, cooking, etc.
  3. Decorating tips. I'm a thrift store-aholic and love me a DiY project here and there. I have an interior decorating background so hey, why not.
  4. Recipes I've tried that were a hit with the fam.
  5. Parenting tips that may help,... or may not. I won't take it personally, really. 
  6. Cool things I find out. (My catch all excuse to just post random cool stuff).
  7. Fashion and make up tips. I love good fashion tips and tricks and will share as needed. 2 of my teens are girls and they regularly keep me in line with what NOT to wear and what looks good. 
So here we go! Enjoy the ride.