Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Christmas Shopping for Teens

Well, Black Friday is around the corner and can I just say, Christmas shopping for teens is a little sad. :) My kids have told me that they would like money for Christmas. Cash? Really? How sad! In other words, "Mom, I know what I want but don't trust you to buy it for me so can I have the money instead and I'll buy it myself?"
Now I TOTALLY remember saying the same thing to my parents when I was a teen. No way in heck would I trust my mother to pick out clothes for me.
Sigh....well, fine then. They'll get money. What I will probably have to do is think of creative ways to wrap it. I might just give them all ones and make them unwrap every single one separately. LOL

My dad has amazing, creative ways of wrapping things. I remember him wrapping a set of earrings for my mom in a box of Cheerios. Or a beautiful necklace in a large stereo box, etc.

So kids, you better watch out!!!! If you see a refrigerator box wrapped, it doesn't mean you're getting a new refrigerator.
Side note to the hubs.....I'd LOVE a new refrigerator.


  1. Does Carlos get to HAUL that new refrigerator UP those stairs to your place? Hmmm? LOL

  2. I would be willing to get him help. :)

  3. Each dollar bill hidden somewhere individually. Clues to the locations wrapped individually. :)