Friday, June 6, 2014

Disneyland!! "The Mouse Trap for Humans"- Walt Disney

Yep, we're going. We haven't been in 7 years! The last time we went my oldest was just barely a teen. My youngest was only 7 and actually wanted to stay at the hotel and swim instead of going in to the park. I remember telling her, "You're going and you're going to have fun! Now get in the shuttle!!" Hilarious.  :)

I'm still in sticker shock with the cost of the 3 day park hopper tickets and I got a discount! $240 per person JUST for the tickets to the park....times 6 people!? Ack.

OK, no more complaining about the cost, I knew what we were getting into.

In order to save money, I've enlisted the agreement of the family of teens and young adults. We'll be doing the following:
  1. Eating breakfasts in the hotel room. It will consist of muffins, fruit and coffee; our own pre-purchased, Costco-run, pack-in-the-car and bring with us food.
  2. Driving. The cost to fly 6 people to L.A. and then rent a car was WAY more than just driving down there. It'll be about a 6 hour drive but I look at it as some good arguing over what movie to play or who's iPod gets connected to the Aux port bonding time.
  3. Bringing our own bottled water to the park everyday. I mean, they cost $5 a bottle if you buy them in the park....are you kidding me? I can get a 35 pack at Costco for that price, sheesh!
  4. Telling the kids that we're not buying souvenirs there. You know you've done it; purchased that crazy Goofey hat for $60 and the ONLY place you'll wear it as AT Disneyland and maybe that Crazy Hat day event at church or school? Yeah, we're not gonna do that. They last time we went in 2007, I bought everyone a hat. Not a crazy hat, just a $130. Nope. Not this time. :) This also gives the kids time to save their money so THEY can buy stuff they want. Here is a picture of us back then WITH said hats.  Awwww, the kids were so little? And I was a little thinner too but we won't go there.

I'm a planner by nature. I'm organized and ~tend~towards the crazy in this area. I'm OK with that. I'm aware. I'm not in denial. SO, let me tell you about the packing list I started a couple of weeks ago... one month before our trip.
It's divided into 4 quadrents: Outfits - I'll probably take pictures of each outfit (I've done it before, it's awesome), What to Bring INTO the Park, Misc. Packing Items (not incl. the outfits), and Groceries to Buy.
I think this is a completely reasonable way to categorize a packing list but apparently, it's a little cray-cray.
Another glimpse into my mild OCD, I've downloaded the Disneyland Wait Times app AND the Disneyland App which is a mobile friendly version of EVERYTHING you'll ever need to know about the park.
I'm very excited and LOVE family vacations. I'll let you know how it all went.
Are any of you out there "Planners?"
OR, have any of you recently returned from Disneyland? Share your tips! I'd love to hear them.

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