Sunday, October 26, 2014

Thrift Store Make Over - Did it in a morning.....

Everyone has a project in their house that is waiting to be completed, or in my case, started. Admit it!
I bought this chair at the G.W. (code for Goodwill) for $6.99! Solid wood, not a creak or a wiggle anywhere:
You can see that it just needed a little TLC in the paint department. I had a perfect empty corner in my living room that was calling out to it. So I trekked over to Home depot, bought me some sandpaper, spray paint (Heirloom white is my go-to color), latex gloves (gotta protect the manicure, right?) and a respirator mask (gotta be able to breathe.)

Here I am, lookin' amaze-balls, right?!

 10 minutes later, here it is after the first coat:
Here it is IN my living room, slightly distressed with sandpaper and rubbed down with furniture wax. I need to find the perfect throw pillow for it. This one is just one off my couch. I'm gonna let it ride for some time and then ~may~ add some pop of color to it. What do you think?

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